Our Values What you can expect from us

I Assist Your Biz is the first multi-lingual Virtual Assistance business dedicated to the manufacturing and engineering industries. However, if you are a Small Business / Sole Trader in Nottingham, we are here to assist you with your office administration as well.

Our services will be cost-efficient and effective, with the goal of achieving maximum results and success. We will consistently strive to optimise and systematise your business processes and tasks whenever possible and we make the communication with your international business partners a breeze.

I Assist Your Biz aspires to work in an efficient and productive manner. Excellent customer service and immaculate work is of the utmost importance to us, and we wish to exceed our clients’ expectations in anticipating and responding to their needs and concerns.

We work on the basis of mutual respect, trust and integrity with our clients. Honesty with, and understanding for each other as people and as business owners, will provide for a solid and long-lasting foundation and a prosperous work relationship that is beneficial to both parties.
In a time of immense information and data production, one of our priorities is to ensure the confidential nature of your projects.

We from “I Assist Your Biz” strongly believe that communication is key. We are your contracted service provider and it is important to us, that we can communicate openly and with consistency to ensure a high quality product within our business relationship. However, we will always endeavour to exceed your expectations.

To work with a Virtual Assistant it is important to establish an ongoing business relationship, to ensure organizational continuity, stability, security and growth through the highest level of legal and ethical responsibility. Our expertise with regards to your needs will grow with each project you trust us to deal with.

As a virtually operating business we strongly believe in reducing our carbon-footprint. Most of the tasks you would wish to delegate to “I Assist Your Biz” can easily be carried out via email, social networking, telephone or text messages – please use the buttons to the left or below to connect with us or simply drop us a message via our contact form. We are also fully aware of other options and technology available, that can allow us to work or meet online when necessary. Though physical meetings are possible of course as well.

There are only two tasks we haven’t managed to fulfill virtually yet: filing away your paperwork (but we know a solution for this) or serving you tea or coffee (but as soon it becomes available, we will let you know, promise!).