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Member DNCC Logo

Since the start I Assist Your Biz is a member of the Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce. After its recent merge with the Leicestershire Chamber it has become the second largest Chamber of Commerce in the UK, and it also has strong ties with the UKTI.
One of the events we regularly attend is the monthly “International Trade Forum”, where speakers are invited to relate their information about doing business in a certain industry and/or country, but we keep a very close eye on what the region is doing as well. Not all of our clients are member of the DNCC, therefore we feel responsible of gathering as much information as possible on their behalf.

Member BeMyVa Logo

It is also possible to find I Assist Your Biz on BeMyVA, which is an internationally operating organisation / search engine to find the right Virtual Assistant for any type of business. I Assist Your Biz is frequently endorsed as “VA of the Day”, on their site as well as on Twitter.

Member Antenna Logo

As I Assist Your Biz is based in Nottingham, the company also holds a membership with Antenna, a local business hub for creative and other businesses. Antenna is a wonderful place for relaxed meetings and we will be holding our office their very soon as well.

Member VAinsider Logo

It is important for any business to keep up to date with changes in one’s own industry. As it is often the case with new technologies and industries, North America is far quicker and more developed when it comes to the still rather new industry of Virtual Assistance and the membership I Assist Your Biz holds with VAnetworking is invaluable for staying in the know of new technological trends and developments to bring our clients even better virtual services.

Member DAN Startups Logo

Not quite a startup business anymore, I Assist Your Biz is not only receiving knowledge but also is now in the position to share their experience with other local startup businesses. The Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Business Start-Ups group is a place new entrepreneurs of the region can relate to as a place to find quick information. I Assist Your Biz is proud to be able to endorse those new companies.

Antenna Evolve Award Logo

In April 2012 I Assist Your Biz has received The Evolve Award, which was the first acknowledgement of our good services. Of course we are very proud of this achievement and look forward to other achievements to come.