EU Procurement Rules are about to change

EU Procurement Rules are about to change

The Council of the European Union has stated in a Press Release from the 11 February 2014, that the EU Procurement Rules are about to change.

The Commission for the EU Single Market has revised their directives 2004/17/EC (procurement in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors) and 2004/18/EC (public works, supply and service contracts), as well as the adoption of a directive on concession contracts.

Their aim is to ensure simplification and flexibilisation of procurement procedures as previously agreed upon in the Single Market Act, a major overhaul of public procurement rules across the EU.

These new rules are set out to give small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) better access to public contracts by simplifying the administrative procedures.

I Assist Your Biz works closely with companies who have dealings with government bodies and is committed to assist corporations to overcome even the last administrative and lingual hurdles when tendering on the European market.

Please tell us what the typical hurdles are you are encountering when offering your goods and services within the European Union.

(Source: DNCC Members’ Briefing June 2014)

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