Quo Vadis United Kingdom?

I have to admit, it is a very sad day here at I Assist Your Biz.

I have spent all Thursday and early Friday to be a Poll and Count Clerk for the Nottingham Council.
Though I have a responsibility to stay neutral whilst fulfilling those tasks, as a person outside of that commitment I have of course my own take on how Britain voted yesterday.

Being a passionate person, a proud European, an engaged EU-citizen, I feel very emotional about the outcome.

As someone who embraces cultures, languages and yes, even regulations, and is committed to assist UK businesses with their import and export requirements so that their businesses can expand and thrive and develop strong relationships with their German / European partners, I honestly cannot understand how this country wants to walk away from such an important relationship like they have (had) with the EU.

However, instead of looking into a blackened future, which is really not “my thing”, I prefer to stick to the facts.

For this reason I will investigate in the upcoming months and years, what the Leave result will (f)actually mean for my clients and also my own business.

In every challenge there lies an opportunity, and I am sure that this is what British Business and also their European partners are looking for.

One thing I can say with some certainty (and trust in the governments which rule my future) for now:

I, as an European immigrant, won’t have to leave. Thus, I am as committed to my clients as I have ever been.


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