Services How can we assist you?

We aim to make your business understandable, by relaying your information to your business partners and customers in a language and a style they understand.
This could be an email to the Project Manager or a phone call from your Customer, we could create a presentation for the CEO or an instruction manual for the assembly line. And it could be in multiple languages if this is what you need.
We also assist you with your tender applications to the European government bodies.

The services you can choose from when you want to work with I Assist Your Biz are very much bespoke to your company’s individual needs. There is no “one-size-fits-all” rule and we assure you that you will only pay for those services you’ve agreed upon.

As a company specialised in providing bespoke administrative and linguistic services, we can assist you with translations as well as more communicational tasks; be it calls or emails or even assisting you with meetings and trainings. But don’t forget, that you will be working with a multi-skilled project assistant, therefore don’t shy away from us if you need some documents created in Powerpoint or Word or Excel etc.

Find below a list of typical tasks we can assist you with, but remember, there are many tasks which aren’t listed but which we still could help you with.

at your service

  • Creating – documents, e.g. manuals, training material, presentations, databases, spreadsheets, data bases
  • Consulting – navigating cultural differences, in business and socially; ask for our expat services
  • Managing – multilingual Social Media, Website Localisation, SEO Research
  • Planning – meeting preparation, travel arrangements, minutes, diary management, appointment scheduling
  • Interpreting – in meetings, phone calls, training events, …
  • Translating – any document into any language, created by us or anyone else
  • Communicating – relaying information, asking the important / right questions, via telephone, letter, emails, skype, gotomeeting …
  • Listening – to your objectives, needs, requests