International Sales & Customer Support A list of what we have to offer if your business has dealings within the European Union

Bi- / Multi-lingual Virtual Assistance Services, e.g.

  • Creating documents in multiple languages like a project administrator – in German and English
  • Providing translations for prior created documents (from / into any language, subcontracting to trusted professional translators)
  • Assisting with research of markets, regulations, etc in Germany and the UK
  • Assisting with tendering on the German market, regardless if you are tendering for commercial or public (e.g. e-Vergabe) orders.
  • Assisting with Customer Service and Sales requests – in German and English
  • Assisting with all communicational needs (telephone calls, emails, letters, …) – in German and English
  • Assisting with meetings (face-to-face/video/telephone but also training courses etc.) as interpreter and/or project assistant
  • Assisting with travel and event arrangements
  • Providing cultural training – in German and English
  • Associated with VAs of other language combinations (e.g. Italian-English, French-English, Spanish-English and more). We can act as project manager for assisting with international business dealings.
  • Any other situation where the skills of a bi-lingual project administrator could be of use – in German and English
  • Creating & maintaining social media profiles in multiple languages;
  • Communication via phone, letters, emails, social media with international business partners;
  • Assistance with presentations and training events in German & English.