Language Support English & the rest of the world - Multi-lingual solutions

Although English is the lingua franca of the business world, there is nothing more reassuring than reading or listening in one’s own language to avoid any doubts.

I Assist Your Biz is the first Virtual Assistance company dedicated to provide multi-lingual solutions to our clients.

We understand the pains which come with a web-based translation of a contract. “To be Or Not to be … held liable” is just not something you want to be in doubt about when you are signing a contract with your business partner.

And albeit the managerial level of companies across the world might actually be quite good in understanding and even speaking English, you should be aware of the fact, that the workers on the lower product lines might not be so fluent or skilled at all.

Therefore we have partnered with professional translators to ensure high quality document translations.
If technical brochures or contracts, websites or newsletters, manuals or numerous documents of smaller and larger nature, we have translated them all into various languages.

Our translators specialise in technical, engineering and legal terminology but if your documents have a different industry’s background, we will make certain that we will accommodate your needs just as well.

Which markets are you trading with? Germany? Bulgaria? Europe? Russia? China? India?
What language combination are you looking for? English to German? German to English? We also have a focus on Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and other important language combinations. Please contact us with the details and we can provide you with our offer.

But we don’t stop at the written word.
When you are in need of interpretation services (e.g. a meeting) or need someone to fulfil your communicational tasks (e.g. calling your business partner in Germany) we are more than happy to provide you with the appropriate VA as well.


Find below a list of typical tasks we can assist you with, but remember, there are many tasks which aren’t listed but which we still could help you with.

at your service

  • Multi-lingual B2B support for UK exporters/investors
  • Setting up & maintaining file structures – also hard copies (if based locally)
  • Sorting and de-cluttering your receipts prior to use at accountants
  • Providing customer support – in English & German
  • Creating letters & emails
  • Developing contact & mailing lists
  • Data entry & processing
  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Writing newsletters & blogs from your key points
  • Transcribing documents from hand written texts or voice recordings
  • Maintaining your website & product catalogue
  • Keeping your Social Media platforms up-to-date – in multiple languages
  • Researching internet & markets
  • Scheduling private appointments
  • Sending & chasing up invoices
  • Handling inquiries
  • Processing orders